Justice for the 21

Julie Hambleton recently spoke on the Victim's Forum in Northern Island

We caveat and stipulate that even though the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) party were paying host to us and other groups;

Justice 4 The 21 are not a political campaign, but our fight for justice is!

As a campaign we are prepared to speak with any political party who can assist us with getting justice for 21 innocents with 182 maimed survivors.

With Justice will come truth.

That's all we want nothing more, nothing less.

I would like to thank Mr Allister QC MLA and Mr Morrison for inviting me to their party conference that gave our campaign the opportunity to 'voice' our plight to those in Northern Ireland.

We may be parted by water, but this does not in anyway diminish the support and tight links we have with the people of Northern Ireland. We were treated with the utmost kindness and hospitality, which we would like to sincerely thank each and every one we had the pleasure meeting for their time and show of support.

It was a truly humbling experience.

Thank you to everyone we spoke to and met.

Please click the button below and listen to the Interview given by the Justice for the 21 to the BBC World Service. This has helped to spread the message being put out by Justice 4 The 21 around the world and has brought more support to the cause.

BBC World Service Interview

Please click the link below and take a look at the interview given to the Justice Gap. There is a massive gap when it comes to justice, all too often the victims and their families are left without seeing any sort of justice.

Justice Gap Interview

Julie has been invited to tell 'my story' on BBC Five Live with Nicki Campbell. This is for Christmas show for it to be broadcast during the Festive Season. The theme being discussed are all things to do with things that end in a '4' .... for us it will be 1974.

She due to go to Manchester to do the recording sometime in December and we will be putting the date and time of the broadcast on here as soon as we know it. We are sure that many of our supporters and friends will tune in to listen. We will try also to record the radio show and get it onto the website for those who miss the live event.

We advise to have plenty of tissues at the ready.

Brian and Julie are going to be interviewed on Monday morning for BBC World Service. This will also be a pre-recorded interview, joining the interview will be Paddy Hill. Many of you may have seen Brian and Julie on Panorama on 18th November. During the programme the Hambleton's were shown during an interview at the Peace Centre in Warrington, with Paddy Hill.

He has stated he will do all he can to help the families gain justice and also to help prove his own innocence as it may appear to many that the Birmingham 6 were set free due to a legal technicality. Paddy has also given the Hambleton's access to all the files his solicitor in London holds in relation to the trial, appeals, evidence. This has been extremely helpful to the families.

The recording will take around 45 minutes but will then be edited down to 15 ready for the broadcast. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to explain our plight with some clarity.

If you have any suggestions as to what we could say to help us keep our monologue sharp and clear for its International audience we would gratefully accept it.

Apparently they have 40 millions listeners and once the programme is put online, it is on there forever! The producer, India (her name) is a very nice lady. She was on the phone to me for 40 minutes yesterday asking me questions about my memories of the evil night and about Maxine.

This is a Link To The Broadcast

he Inside Out West Midlands "Who Killed Maxine" Programme really helped highlight the plight the families and those who were injured fell. Please tell your friends about this website, we need 100,000 signatures on our "home page" link to the E-petition. This petition can only be signed by those people who are living in the UK.

The Programme was broadcast on Monday 18th November and can be found on IPlayer but if you live in another area of the country you will need to click on the West Midlands Edition. If any of you technically minded wizards out there can put the programme on YOUTUBE and send us a link we would be most grateful. We would really like to have a copy of it on the website for all to see.

We have a link to another petition via Avazz which is for international supporters.

Avazz Petition