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That evening will always be in my memory it was my 20th Birthday and I was in the City centre having left the Tavern in the town some 20minutes before the explosion and heard it in the Parisian Needless Alley some 400 yards away.

A lot of media publicity has been given to the ‘Birmingham Six’ but they never mention that they were all allegedly well known IRA sympathisers in the North Birmingham area. not guilty, maybe innocent I doubt it.

As for the Third bomb this is a well known fact I believe that the police have never wanted to establish the truth for political and embarrassment reason – or do they already know the truth, someone does.Never Forgive 12/1/2013 12:00:00 AM, Mike Smith (


I remember this so well even though I was only 14 at the time. Watching the TV documentry on the BBC News channel, I was moved and impressed at the tenacity of Maxine’s brother and sister.

I also remember the overturning of the the verdict in the Birmingham 6 and am surprised that this investigation seems to be on dead slow or stop.

Was also aghast and disgusted at the Birmingham public who would not take a few seconds to sign the petition and all I can say to them is “But for the grace of God it could have been you or yours that was killed in this incident!”

Have signed your petition, May God give you the strength to continue and succeed in your quest. More power to you! – Never Forgive 12/1/2013 12:00:00 AM, Robert Livingstone (


I have just watched your interview on the bbc news, I’m living in bath city and born in 79. I signed your e petition to help with your fight, to many times the police have got things wrong and you need justice. I wish you all the best await up dates from the petition and do anything else I can help with. – Never Forgive 12/1/2013 12:00:00 AM, Claire Seymour (


Just seen the documentary on BBC and have signed the e-petition. I was 16 at the time and Tavern in the Town was popular with my circle of friends. I think all of us living in or connected to Birmingham at the time still seek closure with the perpetrators brought to justice. I will do what I can to bring this campaign to the attention of others. Although it won’t bring back the lives lost, I wish you a successful end to your campaign. – Never Forgive 12/1/2013 12:00:00 AM, Celia M (


Was a privilege to meet you at the memorial, you are an inspiration to everyone with what you are doing.

I was 12 years old when it happened and was in the Odean Cinema with my 2 sisters and brother-in-law. We heard the first bomb going off, but was not aware what it was. Then the 2nd one went o” which was in the pub next door to the Cinema, blowing off the fire door and blowing out the screen. Everyone was panicking and trying to get out, when we managed to get out side, it was like a war zone…..something that I will never forget.

This is the first time I have talked openly about it to other people who was involved. God bless you all. – Never Forgive 11/26/2013 12:00:00 AM, Gary Minott (


Very good luck with your campaign. I have signed your e-petition.

At the time of the bombings I was 17 years old (but usually passed for 18 in pubs, as was common back then). I had recently left school, after completing lower 6th form. But I decided not to continue into upper 6th form as I had been oered a place on a Management training programme working at British Home Stores, in New Street.This was opposite the Tavern in the Town.

On that night I was asked by some colleagues to join them in the Tavern after work. However, later in the day, I was asked to go on ‘Store Lock up Duty’ that evening. To shut down and secure a store the size of BHS in New Street used to take around 40 minutes or so, after the store was emptied of all customers, and a take couple of people to do it. We had also started Christmas opening hours which meant the store was open later on Thursday nights in the run up to Christmas. By the time store lock up was finished I determined it was too late to go into the Tavern for a drink, as I had arranged to meet other friends in Yardley, so I didn’t go.

Sheer chance!!
I found out later on the night, via an announcement from the DJ at the Club I was at, what had happened.

I arrived at work the next morning to the carnage that was in New Street and had to let the Police know I worked at BHS before they let me past the cordons. After arriving at work I then found out that 10 of my work colleagues were in the Tavern when the bombs went o. Another work colleague (a few years older than me) had been there all night helping the emergency services to get people out of the Tavern and was standing in the Store looking singed, dishevelled and clearly in a state of shock. It was a dreadful time.

Thankfully none of my work colleagues were seriously physically injured, some cuts and abrasions and some temporary deafness. But there were lasting emotional scars. So I thought that was quite fortunate, but I then found out later that day that a friend that I was in lower 6th form with was also in the Tavern and sadly she was killed. Jane Davis.

Some years later I met a girl, whom I married, in talking it turned out she was in the Odeon Cinema (very close to the Tavern) at the time the Tavern bomb went o” and apparently, there was a huge bang, the cinema screen split and everyone just ran out as fast as they could and kept running. An Irish friend of ours disappeared for a few days afterwards. When we tracked him down he said he felt ashamed and thought that no one would want to talk to him. We tried to re assure him and knew it had absolutely nothing to do with him. But such was the extent of the feelings in Birmingham at that time.

This was a really horrible time for people living in Birmingham and those of us that had any involvement, however slight, will never forget that night. It is indeed time that the case was re- opened, as we are all now aware of the despicable way that Birmingham Serious Crimes squad handled this case. – Never Forgive 11/22/2013 12:00:00 AM, Barry Kesterton (


I live in Birmingham and support your bid for justice I am part of The Bloody Sunday Families and hope to attend tonigth to give my support if that is ok. – Never Forgive 11/22/2013 12:00:00 AM, Cahil Mc Elhinney (


Fabulous programme, dealt with the campaign cause so sympathetically. Don’t give up, you will get those 100,000 signatures. I urge people to spend a minute or two on the home page and add their names to the E-petition. Help those who lost loved ones or were injured to get justice plus many unanswered questions answered. – Never Forgive 11/20/2013 12:00:00 AM, Star Etheridge (


Hello – I watched the program last night and was so saddened to see the lack of support for your campaign. I would have thought that the citizens of Birmingham would be queuing up to sign your petition.

went to school with Maxine, we were in the same class at Sheldon Heath., she was a very nice girl and was popular in class with everyone. We have had a couple of class reunions since the advent of friends re-united , where we took a few moments to say a prayer for Maxine and other class mates no longer with us, and as my parents are buried in St Giles I make a point of saying hello to Maxine too when I am there. Keep up your good work- I sincerely hope you succeed in your campaign to open the enquiry those 21 people who died and their families deserve answers and a proper memorial from Birmingham in their honour. Good luck – Never Forgive 11/19/2013 12:00:00 AM, JOANNE Mackey (


I was also in the Tavern in the Town, I was 16 years old, I had been in the Tavern about 10 mins when the Bomb went o”, I was very lucky I was sitting the opposite end to where the Bomb was placed, I managed to get out through the back doors, which has been blowen o”, without a scratch, please please continue with this compaign. – Never Forgive 11/19/2013 12:00:00 AM, Suzanne Masefield (


I watched the programme last night and it brought it all back. Some friends and I queued outside the pubs a couple of weeks before the night of the bombings to get tickets for the Rod Stewart and Faces concert at the Odeon. We were there all night and slept on the pavement just outside the Tavern. I could have been in the Tavern on the night of the bombings but had to work at the takeaway shop I did part time work at that night – we went to the Fox and Goose instead. I went to the Rod Stewart concert a couple of weeks after and remember that the Odeon was half empty and when the concert finsihed the foyer was full of parents who had come to collect kids that had been allowed to go along.

I have also seen personally the ring leader of the bombings and the man that phoned the warning. Mick Murray used to live in Watt Road, Erdington and I lived just around the corner in South Road. We would see him walking down the street. He was huge man and always wore a dark overcoat.

One of the lads that I used to hang around with – Chrissie Bollard – was originally from Dublin and he used to say that he was a nasty guy and we never really made eye contact with him. Chrissie’s father – Christie Bollard – must have known something about Murray as they would stand and talk in the street on occasions. Christie used to work on the buildings and did a bit of amateur boxing – I think that they went back to Ireland in the 80s.

Murray is now dead, so cannot be brought to justice but the other 4 are alive I believe – Seamus McLoughlin, James Gavin, Michael Hayes and the un-named planter. According to the World in Action programme those 4 and Murray were known by the police to be the people that really bombed Birmingham.

I hope that you can get the case re-opened and bring justice and closure to this awful case. I will not be at the vigil on Thursday due to work committments, but I will make sure that I am there for the 40th anniversay next year.

I have already signed the petition but it looks like the petition will not be necessary now as the publicity from the TV programme will force the hand of the government.

Best wishes and keep up the fight. – Never Forgive 11/19/2013 12:00:00 AM, Tony Birch (



I saw the two members of the campaign on BBC Breakfast yesterday and I don’t think anyone could have failed to have been moved by the heartfelt sincerity and grief which was shown. It’s clear that the crime remaining unsolved has prevented proper closure for the relatives and that, understandably, many eople have not been able to move on.

The original crime was, of course, made worse by the wrongful imprisonment of six innocent men and the creation of another network of bereaved and desperate familes and loved ones. I think everyone is entitled to know who the guilty parties were, including the corrupt members of the police and legal system who have so far also evaded justice.

My only concern is that the prospects of securing a trial and conviction of what would in all probablity be elderly men living in the Irish Republic with no forensic evidence is virtually nil. Northern Ireland has, to a large degree, put The Troubles if not behind them at least in recent historical memory rather than the bitter present. The thing most needed is reconcilliation and harmony between the two communities so that future generations have the chance of living in something like the peace and harmony enjoyed by fellow citizens in the UK and Ireland.

While I totally understand your need for closure I’m just not sure how this helps the peace process. Best of luck to you though. – Never Forgive 11/17/2013 12:00:00 AM, Andrew Moody (


First of all, I am thankful for the good and hard work you guys and girls have put in to get Justice for the 21. And following the campaign it is getting momentum.

I sadly will be away during the period I am about to mention, but a close friend of mine has told me that the Irish Republican music group “The Wolfe Tones” are playing in Birmingham on the 15th November at Scanlon’s Club, 244-254 Spring Road, Birmingham B11 3DW. To check if this is true, I have even checked the Wole Tones website.

The Wolfe Tones are popular for singing songs glorifying the IRA and Irish Republican terrorists. I think this is a massive slap in the face for those 21 who lost their lives, yet we continue to allow Irish Republicans in our own city the freedom to celebrate Republican killers.

I am not aware if you were aware of this, or if you have anything already planned, but I thought i would bring it to your attention. – Never Forgive 11/6/2013 12:00:00 AM, SJ (


Hi, I would like to help your campaign for justice for Maxine and the others. – Never Forgive 9/25/2013 12:00:00 AM, Eddie Walsh (


Dear Mr Lockley,
I read your article on the Birmingham bombing in yesterdays Mail.

I have to tell you that the third bomb is no more, A former architect colleague of mine, Paul Bonham, he’s dead now, was getting out of his car, on the day after the bombing, to go into his o#ce which was immediately opposite the Barclays Bank in Highfield Road, when there was an explosion and the man dealing with the bomb was blown up and killed.

Afterwards the Police told him of a fourth bomb which had been found fixed to a heating fuel tank, in the back garden, of an o#ce opposite the Plough %26 Harrow Inn on Hagley Road.

My o#ce at the time at Lee House, Highfield Road, overlooked that garden and I could see that tank easily.On the night in question at 9.00pm, I was sitting with my back to a large glass window in a partners meeting. Fortunately, it failed to go o”, otherwise I might me here to tell you the story.

For all I know that tank is still there, even if the bomb has gone, perhaps with modern technology there might still be traces on the tank. Good hunting yours,
Michael Hurd
Never Forgive 9/2/2013 12:00:00 AM, MICHAEL HURD (


Hope you approve of this article just published 🙂

JUSTICE 4 THE 21 [J4T21] – Never Forgive 8/30/2013 12:00:00 AM, Keith Sinclair (


I am sure that you have read the book by Chris Mullin – Error of Judgement and also watched the World in Action programme ‘Who Bombed Birmingham’, it suggests that the men that did the bombing were Mick Murray, James Gavin, Seamus McLoughlin and Michael Hayes and one unamed member. It would not take much eort in terms of working with the author and the WiA team to locate the bombers and have them exposed. At least one is now dead and the others, even if convicted would have been released under the Good Friday Agreement.

I am fully behind the formal exposing of the culprits and to have justice for the 21 and have signed the petition. The police know who they were and it would not be too difficult to find the perpetrators of the atrocity. If and when this is done, the best that can be hoped for is to ‘name and shame’ them o#cially as no trials or sentences could be forthcoming.

Good luck with your campaign and I will watch the column in the Mail with interest.
I could have been there that night with my friends but a part time work committment kept me away – I was one of the fortunate ones. Best wishes
Tony Birch
– Never Forgive 8/16/2013 12:00:00 AM, Tony Birch (


Have you considered taking your petition campaign to the Birmimgham City and Aston Villa, I’m sure both set of supporters would support your cause, would either club allow you to display the banner within their ground to raise awareness?

Fully support your campaign. – Never Forgive 8/9/2013 12:00:00 AM, Tlangley (


Hi There

While I am currently studying in the University of South Wales, I have raised some awareness of your campaign by sending out addresses including on the Scottish Unionist facebook page “Do Not Break Our Unity”.

I don’t know how the campaign can be stepped up but I sincerely hope it can. Maybe speak to the Scottish Unionist group “Better Together”, the “Omagh Support and Self Help Group” and other such groups. I would be worried if it couldn’t be stepped up.

all the best Oli – Never Forgive 7/23/2013 12:00:00 AM, Oli Curry (


I will never forget Maxine – It could have been anyone of us that night.
No surrender, no forgiveness.
We demand a public investigation.
Vote UKIP, get an answer for the families – not the lies of the labour party/con/lib etc. UK Government = Scum.
Never Forgive 6/2/2013 12:00:00 AM, Bill Neary (